The Green Printing Process.

Environmental responsibility is important to Robin Enterprises. We have always taken a proactive approach. We teamed up with many distributors in the industry to produce our Green Printing Process. This combines many products into one printing procedure to preserve precious natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint. Our Green Printing Process makes use of Eco-Smart Inks by Braden Sutphin Ink Company, and environmentally friendly solvents and fountain solutions with low VOCs. With the continued support of our customers, suppliers and staff, we will make a difference. In addition to our Green Printing Process, many other steps are taken to achieve a Green Printing Process:
  • Recycle our press wash solvents on site to reduce the amount of hazardous waste. Since 2002, we have reduced our hazardous waste by 95% and were recognized by the EPA for our efforts.
  • Clean and reuse the water that is removed from the solvent recycling within our facility to reduce water and energy consumption.
  • Filter and reuse heat generated from our presses to heat other parts of our facility.
  • Recycle all of the paper waste that is generated, both from our presses and from our offices.
  • Recycle all of our printing plates.
  • Send all aqueous and solvent drums back to the suppliers for reuse.
  • Ensure our facility lighting is all green-tipped and recycled.
If you would like a tour of Robin Enterprises to learn more about the current and future plans, or require additional information, please contact us.